Screw Conveyor for Mining Industry

An ‘in-the-box’ solution from an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach

The problem: a second copper ore conveyor was added to an existing silo discharge silo. Because of design, operation and available space constraints, this second conveyor could not be fed by the discharge conveyor and chute system of the existing silo, requiring the ore to be fed by front loader. This represented a considerable cost and operation constraint.

The solution: OutStandINN designed a retractable screw-conveyor that could be pushed inside the silo discharge chute and divert up to 80 ton/h of the silo ore stream to the second conveyor without interrupting the feeding of the main conveyor. When the second conveyor is not in use the screw conveyor can be pulled out and parked in stand-by position. This system allowed the automation of the conveyor feeding operation with the obvious cost and operational benefits, while overcoming any space constraints.

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