At OutStandINN, we understand the importance of how on-site supervision is crucial for the success of any construction project. Therefore, we offer trustworthy and reliable site supervision services through our qualified field technicians, who provide support during the construction and commissioning phases. It is in our core to provide on-site solutions, considering our Partner’s interest, either time or costly impacts, anticipating and overcoming any potential problem during such a critical phase.

With a track record of successful projects in several countries, we have gained experience and knowledge in working with different cultures, ensuring effective communication and interface management with the local teams. Our team is present on site from the initial site opening and mobilization to the final handover and commercial operation.


Working collaboratively with contractors and subcontractors is crucial for the successful execution of construction activities. At OutStandINN, we provide an efficient and dedicated team to oversee all aspects of the project, anticipate potential issues, and propose effective solutions. Our rigorous and accountable approach ensures seamless collaboration among all parties involved.


Construction projects are often affected by frequent unexpected situations that alter the normal course of works and delay completion. At OutStandINN, we believe that forward planning is essential for keeping projects on track and within budget. By closely monitoring progress and engaging with engineering and management teams, we can anticipate potential issues and implement effective solutions to keep the project moving forward. Our proactive approach to construction management helps to minimize risks and ensures that our projects are delivered on time and to the highest standards.


At OutStandINN, we recognize that an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) approach is usually preferable for our partners. However, for certain Partners and projects that fall outside of our industry offering, Construction Management services can also be a viable solution. Our team has accumulated a wealth of experience in Construction Management for a range of projects, including Power Plants, Wind and PV Plants, Cement and Paper Mill Plants upgrades, Aboveground Mining, Water Treatment Facilities, and Bulk Handling Systems, among others.

As the Owner’s Supervisor, we can perform our duties to ensure that the project is executed smoothly. We can also manage Commissioning activities during the execution of such projects.


We consider Partners satisfaction as our biggest priority, and as such we are prepared to offer maintenance and spare parts services. No industrial project can operate consistently without a supply of functional spare parts and periodic maintenance.

Due to our technological independency, we assure that the manufacturers maintenance schedule will be complied with the highest standards.