We believe that basic project management skills are essential for utilizing more complex project management tools effectively. We focus on a more streamlined approach to project management to ensure that we can deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and on-quality. Our team analyses each project's specificities to determine the most appropriate skills and techniques to execute the project efficiently and effectively.

By mastering basic project management skills, we can ensure that we take full advantage of more complex project management tools and resources.


Our experience was gained in large international industrial projects. But best practices can be applied to projects of all sizes. We aim to bring those processes and tools to projects, whatever size and complexity, giving small and medium companies access to the methodology that has provided such good results for larger players in the market.


We are prepared to offer solutions for your project in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM). As such our OutStandINN team takes responsibility for the detailed engineering and design, breakdown of the procurement and construction, and management of subcontractors, whilst ensuring the delivery of your project within the established requirements.


We are prepared to offer for all projects an effective Time Scheduling, using our expert judgement to ensure a correct resource estimation and timely project completion. To achieve a project schedule that will serve as a baseline for your project, we will define necessary activities, their duration and resources needed for a project completion that complies with your requirements.

In order to assure completion of the project in a timely manner, we can perform classic Cascade Planning (Gantt chart) and Control Schedule, to monitor the status of activities and update project progress, or we can resort to more lean and Agile-like methodologies. According to the project progress, if deviations exist, corrective and preventive actions may be implemented.


To assure that each document history is traceable and uniquely identified, Project Document Control will manage and track all project documents that are produced, by:

  • Automate the documentation and correspondence control and filing process as much as possible;
  • Automatic numbering of documents and correspondence (according to the established codification);
  • Preview and printing of documents and correspondence control lists;
  • Distribution within several users with alarm notice.