Project Development

Insightful Project Development

We develop projects from the ground up and involve all the stakeholders who are important for the project, from the supplier, the customer and finally to the end consumer involving them to aim for a common goal. In this way we ensure that your project is cost-effective and can be executed professionally. Typically the project development is a multi-staged and iterative process in which the plant configuration, the partnering, the financing  and all other key elements get specified to a higher level of detail in each iteration.

Careful Analysis.

Developing from an idea into a concrete project requires careful analysis and consideration of all possible influencing factors. At OutStandINN we believe in commiting and dedicating enough time to evaluation and preparation, supporting our clients in the crucial decision-making phase, and supporting the project development phase.

Knowing when to say no.

Not all good ideas are good business. If in the project development phase it becomes clear that the idea or project cannot be supported by an adequate business model, OutStandINN will have no problem in advising against the further development of the project. We believe in protecting our client’s interests and needs, not their expectations.

Due Diligence & Technical Audits

Our support in performing Technical Due Diligences contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers and by ensuring that this information is continuously evaluated and reassessed systematically used to deliberate in a reflexive manner on the decision at hand and all its costs, benefits, and risks.

Feasibility Studies

We are capable of performing feasibility studies for your project, evaluating the technical feasibility, developing CAPEX and OPEX estimates, and calculating profitability indicators.

If the feasibility study reveals that the project is not viable within your given requirements, OutstandINN can then suggest concept alternatives or discuss changes to project requirements that might increase the profitability of your project.

Tender Documents

Understanding the needs of the client enables us to support in the preparation of Tender Documents that cover each and every project requirement, which are then used to obtain comparable and harmonized quotations.

Our Tender Documents can be prepared to meet FIDIC contracts guidelines, and also enable a transparent and systematic bid evaluation, while maintain high degrees of simplicity that enables shorter tendering time spans

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