One year has passed. One more year. A difficult one all around the globe, by all measures, metrics or KPIs. Amid a global pandemic and economic downturn it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the uncertainty. And yet at OUTSTANDINN we celebrate! We celebrate 5 years of OUTSTANDINN, doing what we love, simply enjoying seeing projects being built and taking shape, from idea to spreadsheet, from drawing to steel or concrete. We celebrate one more year learning and acquiring new skills, allowing us to provide to our partners better and smarter solutions, always with the same confidence in the end result. We celebrate one more year with a team that has proved resilient, with uncompromising works ethics and the willingness to keep on making projects that stand out! We celebrate a past year of achievements and commit to continue the hard work that brought this far, confident that in a year’s time we will be here again, celebrating our new accomplishments with all of you!


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